Thank you for your feedback

Dear parents. 

Thank you so much for your positive comments on the back of the reports sent out last week. A super response! We will be using/presenting your feedback at any future ofsted inspections and we will be acting upon your feedback here in school. We would be the first to admit that there are always things to work on-your feedback will help us do that-we won’t get bitter, we’ll get better. 

Community morale is something that we all play a part in. We will be the first to celebrate how fabulous your children are with you and share their successes-so please do not hold back if you are happy-tell someone! Tell that person! 

It is a great shame, but there will always be a small number who cannot be pleased no matter what and those grumbling and mumblings on the playground do get back to staff and do have a negative impact. If you have a legitimate issue or concern, come and see me! Like everyone else, a thank you or a little positive goes a long way for the staff here in school-just like it does with our families. 

With the year that we have had, the substantial highs and the way in which the school has rallied around our children and families at their low points-we have seen that Roade is a great school and together we will continue to improve-being positive and being a great team. 

It is our ambition that those with mumbles and grumbles become fewer, that more positives are shared. At some points this year the noise of the negative has outweighed the power of the positive and this impacts on everyone. There is a huge difference in being a critical friend and just being negative for the sake of it. We are not perfect-but we hope that we are getting closer-there are things to work on but we hope that what we have achieved together this year has impressed! Our community needs to be one of shared pride of what our children and our school can achieve. 

Feedback is crucial for us to move forward-so thank you to those who took the time to write in the feedback form. There is still time for others to fill in the feedback form and return it to the school office. 

The sky is the limit, so let’s aim high, reach for the sky! 

See you at the gate.

Results from across the school-an exceptional year!

We hope that you are enjoying your child’s report. The staff have spent a long time writing them to get them just right-but your children spent even longer earning them throughout the year. Individually your children have done well, but collectively they have done exceptionally well. They are an exceptional set of results and we should all be very proud of our little school. I thought I’d take a few minutes to share with you the news and then you can be as proud as I am about your school. 

We all play a part in these results children, staff and parents- we need to celebrate this A LOT! Well done to our children!

GLD-good level of development

 You can see we have some wonderful results across the school. It has been an exceptional year-inspite of some very challenging times with the extension and some traumatic news in year 6. We are a resilient and strong bunch! SATS are not the be all and end all. Your children are way more than a series of numbers. I’ve never really thought about the OFSTED gradings of inadequate, requires improvement, good or outstanding. What I’ve always wanted and what I feel we now are is a great school and I am proud to be a part of what we are doing together. Celebrate your children’s results, love their reports and look at what we have done together. 

Mark Currell

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