Welcome back!

5th September 2017
Dear parents and carers,

A very big hello and welcome to a new year and the start of another busy and exciting time at Roade Primary school. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces on the first day. Lots of happy children to be back and happy parents to see their children going back! In our first assembly it was lovely to see all the children looking smart in their uniform with shiny shoes and fresh haircuts. I know I’m biased, but this year, there really seems to be an incredibly happy buzz in the school-it’s very exciting with all the new places to work and play!

The build so far….

We were very proud to share with you our new, fabulous looking school. It is still work in progress, but we have worked tirelessly over the summer break to get the 8 new classrooms ready for action. This week the whole site has been pulled together with a beautifully tarmacked playground, display boards backed and things are beginning to be put away. There is still work to be done with the MUGA, making sure resources are stored where they need to be and unpacking the many, many boxes, but we are getting there and your children are working in a fabulous new building. It was lovely hearing the Wows and the Oooooos as families arrived today and thank you for sticking to our “round the other way” one way system-it helps to keep the flow of people going round the school.

We will be having a grand opening later in the term when everything is completed. We will have an open day to enable you all to come and see the school being used. A school without children in it is just a shell-you need to see the building in action!


A very special hello goes to our newest recruits, our new reception children. Mrs Cosgrove and Miss Singleton have had the pleasure of visiting all the children in their homes to tell them all about their new school. They seem like a lovely bunch! I know that all the staff and the children are looking forward to a busy year of learning, we welcome you all to our Roade family. There are also many new children starting with us throughout the school in different year groups, (what it is to be popular!) welcome and work hard with us to achieve your potential!

New staff

A big Roade welcome to our new members of staff! Mr Wilson joins us to teach year 3. Passionate about ICT and computing and looking forward to making a difference. Mr Warden joins us in the other year 3 class. Mr Warden is returning to teaching after living in France for a while-Bonjour! Miss East is teaching alongside Mrs Albert in year 5 and ready to bring her artistic flair to KS2. Please make all three very welcome and make sure that you say hi. The first day of school is not just a nervous time for our pupils-for staff too, new and old! We all wish you well and hope you will stay for a very long time with us at Roade helping our children to shine bright!


We are filling up very quickly! There are 232 children with us and spaces vary throughout the school. We have managed to split the year 3 and year 5 years as the numbers were getting very top heavy. Our commitment is to keep the class sizes as small as possible, as small as the budget will allow and to ensure that the quality of education in each class and year is as high as possible. If you are aware of any parents looking for school spaces and they like the idea of Roade, please encourage them to apply quickly as spaces are being taken up very quickly and we do not have the budget to split each year. Some classes are already full.


We are very proud to have regained the Silver school sports mark. We received the very fancy presentation banner and this has gone into our trophy cabinet.

Last year the school received some fantastic results in all areas, both KS1 and 2. Our children continued to shine with 97% of all Year 1 children achieving their phonics standard, KS1 continuing to excel and yet again our year 6 students leaving with some of the highest grades in the county. We remain consistently higher than both the national averages and the Northamptonshire averages in all areas. For further details about the school find our school profile on the Internet.

On the sports field we continued our recent success by being crowned county football champions ending up a close runner up in the Midlands.

Music and performance continue to be a real strength with our choir performing throughout the Christmas period and our end of year “Roade’s got talent” talent show was simply fantastic-playing to a packed house (if you didn’t see it-you missed out!) Incredible that each act scored an incredible 18 points-who’d have thought it? We really hope that every participant enjoyed spending their prize vouchers.

Healthy Schools

At Roade Primary School we are always looking to promote a healthy lifestyle. We are actively encouraging the children to bring water bottles to keep our learners hydrated and it has proved very successful. KS1 will still receive their free fruit and the milk will still be delivered to those who have ordered it.

For our KS2 children you may include a healthy snack (piece of fruit) –This year and from now on SEPARATE to their lunch box for them to munch at break time. Very soon we will be storing the lunch boxes in trolleys in one of the cupboards off the hall- so snacks will have to be separate to enable the children to get at it at break time. If you are sending your child to school with a packed lunch please ensure that the lunch is well balanced, healthy and enough to keep your child energised all day!

Expectations at the start and end of the day, (dropping off and picking up times).

Thank you for your help this morning. We are all learning how best to use the site-BUT it was pretty good today! The school bell rings at five minutes to nine. By all means bring your children earlier and meet with other parents in the playground. There will be at least one member of staff on duty and I try to be out “at the school gate” whenever I can.

This time is not a playtime for the children and as such we do not expect the children to be racing around, or using any of the school apparatus. This is due to the number of smaller siblings on the playground at these times and we really do not want an accident! Please make sure that your children stand nearby. If your child rides a bike or scooter to school please remind them about dismounting through the pathway when they arrive at the school gates-there is a lovely new bike/scooter store for them right by the entrance.

We have a very busy staff. I try to be out on the playground every morning, however in this school we are all constantly busy. If you want to speak to a member of staff and that member of staff is not available please make an appointment at the office to ensure that there is appropriate time to talk through issues with you. If you have a problem or an issue to raise please speak to the class teacher first before we make time for a meeting involving the senior management of the school.

PE kits

From now on your child should have a PE kit in school at all times. We have limited space, so please keep to the drawstring bags that hang flush to the wall. We are constantly trying to reduce the number of bulky big rucksacks being brought to the school, your child can use a book bag to take items back and forward to school and there are places to store these in or near each classroom. If your child has their ears pierced please make sure that they can remove their stud earrings themselves or remove them for their PE days. We strongly advise that any parent considering getting their children’s ears pierced wait until the start of the summer holiday to encourage the ears to heal enough.


Clubs will be starting in the near future. As before we will offer a wide range of activities, however the staff and I are working out how the lunchtime clubs will fit around our new hot meals. A difficult problem! We will let you know all about our clubs in the very near future.

Car parking

The school car park is for staff use only. It is not available for parents to quickly nip on and drop off or pick up even if it is for and early or a later club. Although it looks like a palatial car park-spaces are limited and we cannot afford any space to parents at this time. Please make sure that you park with care and consideration for our local residents and ensure that you are not parking across driveways etc. We enjoy a good relationship with our neighbours and would like to keep it that way! Outside the school this morning parking was great and the road flowed easily-thank you-please keep it like that!

Spellings and homework

Any work sent home is controversial-some parents love it, some look at it as a necessary evil! Home study is very useful at developing our children’s independent learning-enables us to share with you what the children are learning about in school and sometimes we ask you all to get creative! Homework at primary level also supports the children getting into good habits for secondary school and prepares them for a lifelong love of learning. We all never stop learning. As a school we try to vary what we give and to that end homework will stay-please support your children when they need it and arrange for them to have space and time to complete the tasks set.

We have invested in a new spelling scheme that will be taught through the school. There will be a more detailed letter to come to you explaining all, but please do not be worried if your child does not have banks or lists of spelling to learn weekly for a test. The new scheme relies upon us teaching the strategies here in school almost daily-your children will be getting quite a diet of spelling here!

When supporting your child at home-please do not neglect the supervision of your child’s on line use. There were many warnings and updates last year about safeguarding our children and we will continue to remind families about the importance of being vigilant and teaching our children good habits. Let’s keep our children safe at all times.

Play your part

It is our mission to make our school a fabulous, happy and successful place for children, parents and staff. In a crazy and often dark world, we want this place to be an oasis of smiles. That comes from all of us. We will all work hard for our children and we will all do what it takes to provide them with the very best. Like anyone we are not perfect and we will make mistakes. Come and talk to us. Let us know how we are doing-good and bad and together we can be the best school. Teamwork!

If you would like to volunteer in the life of the school, support by hearing readers, run the library, go on trips and visits, help out with cooking lessons, support with sports fixtures or even run a club for our children-come and let us know.

It is great to be back together again and we are hoping to have a better start to the season than the Saints did on Saturday! As we have a busy time ahead of us I will put together a list of the important dates for you to know in the very near future (parents evenings, Harvest festival, Christmas, etc.)

Good to see you all again, see you at the gate….

Mark Currell, Head teacher


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